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Positive Pro Ageing

Dermal fillers are hyaluronic acid-based gels designed to be injected under the skin. Dermal filler injections can give volume, rejuvenate and support skin structure.


Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance that has the added advantage of encouraging natural collagen synthesis. Using a range of high-quality dermal fillers and advanced techniques we can restore and resolve common facial ageing issues such as volume loss, lines, wrinkles, skin folds and furrows.

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How it works

Dermal fillers have a variety of applications and can be used in the lips, cheeks, forehead and around the eyes. 

Dermal fillers are effective for:

  • Boosting Volume

  • Targeting fine lines and wrinkles

  • Enhancing facial contours

  • Rejuvenating skin


All dermal filler treatments are designed around your individual requirements. Dermal fillers are injected to replace volume, smooth out lines and enhance facial contours.

Benefits include:

  • Little to no downtime

  • Immediate results, final settled result in 2 weeks

  • Natural-looking results

  • Reversible

  • Lasts 6-12 months

Results are immediate with a degree of settling and improvement with time. Dermal fillers are generally safe and temporary. Depending on the indication, the typical longevity before retreating is between 9-18 months. All dermal filler treatments are designed to respect anatomy, your individual concerns and needs. The aim is always to achieve a natural and normal result that will suit your unique facial features.


Often patients are concerned about an unnatural look or spoiling their unique features. Be reassured, we believe natural is best!


Lip Augmentation

A popular treatment to hydrate, plump and shape your lips. Full assessment, advanced techniques and premium hyaluronic acid filler will create the desired size and shape. A great solution for naturally thinner lips or for those wanting to rejuvenate volume and hydration lost with age.



Had a procedure done with Kelly this morning and have to say how friendly and welcoming she was. Explained everything in detail and put my mind at ease. So pleased with the results already and can't wait to see the end result.



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