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Before and After

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

At the clinic, I offer a range of treatments. To allow you a better understanding of what we offer and the kind of results, here are a few before and after photos. You can see more in our patient gallery and on my social media channels.

A before and after of lip treatment


The power of lip augmentation to boost femininity and confidence never ceases to amaze. That moment you first take the mirror and check them out. The immediate response/reaction and the biggest smile.

If we explore the reason it’s interesting to know that a hydrated voluminous lip can be associated with youth, fertility and a reason to choose a mate. Obviously, in a modern world, the reasons are far from simple but interesting nonetheless they explore how human desire is hardwired and may in part explain the attractiveness of lips.


Thankfully surgery is no longer the only option to correct cosmetic nose concerns. Here, carefully placed dermal filler softens humps and creates straighter lines for a softer nose contour.

This is an advanced procedure requiring an experienced medical aesthetic injector so please choose your practitioner wisely.


Replacing volume and rejuvenating the delicate eye area for a more rested brighter appearance. Careful consideration of anatomy and ageing physiology is key for a perfectly natural result.

This is an advanced treatment and assessment of suitability is really important. Premium #teoxane dermal fillers are used for a superior long-lasting result.

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