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FROM £75

Medical Grade Skincare

Medical grade skincare products that drastically improve the complexion, condition, and appearance of the skin.

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How it works

Medical skincare has a higher level of quality active ingredients designed to make physical changes in the skin to treat diseases eg acne/rosacea/melisma/sun-damaged or aged skin.

Anything bought without the oversight of a clinician generally won’t have the level of active ingredients despite the advertising promises. This often leads to disappointment and lost faith in ever achieving healthy glowing skin!


Zo Skin Health products are medical grade and the results are incredible. Some products will come with initial side effects and require careful monitoring. Fed up with disappointing retail skincare? Book a consultation for free.


ZO Skin Health 3 Step Peel

A dual-action, highly effective peel designed to provide skin renewal and stimulation. Using a blend of exfoliants, retinol and multi-action agents to significantly improve skin health and treat many signs of ageing.

You can expect some downtime with this moderate depth peel. To maintain results this could be repeated 2-3 times a year.

*This requires ZO retinol preparation program for 4-6 weeks prior to help strengthen and enhance the result. 



I can’t recommend Kelly highly enough.  After a little treatment and a whole new skincare routine with products. I think you can see the difference in my skin. Before seeing Kelly I hadn’t realised that my skin was dull and quite grey. It’s now bright and healthy-looking. I’ll be coming back for more treatments and I’ve already purchased more skincare products.


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